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Be smart

Consider your options carefully

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime which means YOU will spend about a 1/3 of your life at work.

Furthermore, 85% of workers hate their jobs according to Gallup’s World Poll.

With those facts in mind, do you think it’s wise to think long and hard about your field of study and subsequent 40-year career path?

We think so too because can you imagine being miserable from 9-to-5 almost every day for the next 40 years of your life?

Don’t let that become your future.

Instead, consider entrepreneurship as a career path and pursue your passions.

Reality check

The facts are sobering

Did you know...

With these troubling truths in mind, here’s the dilemma you’re facing:

Even with a degree

Finding a job is incredibly hard

Especially, when you are young, unskilled and inexperienced. Here’s why:

All of this means, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

And the situation is becoming even more desperate for job seekers because South Africa’s economy shrunk by 7% in 2020[8].

In our crippled economy, earning a paycheck so you can afford to move out into a place of your own, buy a car, travel the world and enjoy life doesn’t come easy.

Adulting is tough

What do you do now?

In today’s workplace, strong academic skills are less relevant than ever.

To reach the top you require curiosity, imagination, resilience, critical thinking and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Life as an entrepreneur

Create your own opportunities

Being an entrepreneur is better than working for someone else, here’s why:

Starting a business has risks

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business in response to an identified problem or opportunity, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

If you don’t know how to start a business the proper way and how to run it profitably, being an entrepreneur is risky business.

The #1 reason so many people fail as business owners is that our schooling system trained us to be employees.

In reality, the world of an employee differs drastically from the world of an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs play by a different set of rules while the mindset of an entrepreneur differs drastically from the mindset of an employee.

Entrepreneurs lead. Employees follow.

Fortunately, entrepreneurship is a skill-set you can learn.


Master the art and science of entrepreneurship

Just like you can’t be a competent engineer without a relevant degree, without proper training you probably won’t succeed as a business owner.

At least, not on your first try.

You should understand the fundamentals of running a business before you invest any time and money in starting up a company.

Opportunely, there’s now a solution in South Africa for startups!


Accomplished entrepreneurs present our Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme, not classroom professors with bloated textbooks because real entrepreneurship can only be taught through hard-won experience gained in the trenches.
Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme - Mobile

We transform young, aspirant entrepreneurs into confident and capable business leaders through practical online training and coaching.

Our Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme sets you up with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to start and run a business – profitably and sustainably.

As you work on your business model throughout the programme, you acquire hands-on experience.

This increases the likelihood of your first venture succeeding because you will be better prepared for the cutthroat nature of the business world.

At the end of the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme, you will have a feasible business model in hand and have the opportunity to get funding and support if your business idea is investable.

This puts you on the front foot as your step from our virtual classroom into the real world where the rubber hits the road.

See what you get


Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme

One year of training and coaching delivered online.

Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme

What you get

Included in the programme

Here’s everything you get with the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme

Training and Coaching

Instruction by accomplished entrepreneurs

Students will complete the programme with the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Start a profitable and sustainable business by following the ‘Concept-to-Company’ Creator Formula
  • Understand all the areas of running a business from operations, to sales, to marketing, to finance, to creativity and more as outlined in the programme curriculum
  • Stand on their own feet and build their future regardless of the economic or political situation they find themselves in

Online Classes

Lectures are streamed live

  • Begins in January 2022
  • End in December 2022
  • Starts at 10 am and finish by noon
  • Are interactive and includes Q&A at the end
  • Will be recorded and available online to watch 24/7 for 12 months
  • Are accompanied by assignments

Note: Attendance and assignment submission logs are kept to ensure students are attending lectures and completing assignments.


Programme Curriculum

Training and coaching covering 19 key areas of modern entrepreneurship.


Discover Your Entrepreneur Type

Unique to the School of Entrepreneurship, you will complete the Enneagram Assessment at the start of the programme.

The Enneagram is a sense-making tool and framework that enables the development of self-awareness.

Your results will reveal your Entrepreneur Type, intrinsic motivators, strengths and weaknesses.

Armed with this newfound self-knowledge, we will customise your journey for accelerated development and success.


Concept-to-Company Creator Formula

Our Concept-to-Company Creator Formula is based on proven principles in starting a profitable and sustainable business from scratch.

This is the same formula Leon Lategan has used to launch various profitable companies in the last eight years; companies such as Purple Cow Digital Marketing Agency (sold to Yellow Pages in 2012) and The Lions Den, among others.


Complimentary Membership

Students will get an annual Rafiki membership worth R3,280 to give them the best possible chance of succeeding as entrepreneurs.

rafiki logo

Rafiki Referral Network

South Africa’s first and only virtual B2B referral network that helps entrepreneurs to:

  • Build a reliable source of business contacts
  • Nurture business relationships and find opportunities for collaboration
  • Get more clients and sell more products


What people are saying

See what people are saying about the head coach, Leon


What more people are saying

See what some of the entrepreneurs Leon has coached have to say

Pierre van den Berg


“Leon is an awesome presenter and motivator, and he is creating amazing opportunities for all entrepreneurs / or people aspiring to become entrepreneurs.”


Herma Koch

His knowledge and what he imparts with us is MBA quality and I have learned so much in these last few weeks. What a valuable experience this has been.”

Rene Vosloo

“Leon has remarkable capabilities to manage a large group of people in a webinar and make you feel you are the only one in the room. Commit, attend and do!”

Scott Pitso


“His master class on how to properly market or promote your business cannot be found in text books or college/university lecture rooms. They are on based on practical real tested events.”


António Roque


“Leon is an absolute master in everything he teaches, His knowledge and commitment is outstanding and second to none. If you are a serious entrepreneur this is for you. Highly recommended.”


Tersia Van Der Schyff

“Leon’s structured manner of teaching makes it easy to follow instructions and increase your own knowledge to apply in your business. He shows his own vulnerability but yet he is a strong leader, who manage a big group of students with ease.”


Your new future as an entrepreneur


Enrol in the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme


Attend the lectures and complete the assignments online


Launch your business and start earning an income

Your Investment

What it costs

We are celebrating the launch of the School of Entrepreneurship by letting our first students enrol at the most affordable price possible.

This is how the enrollment process works:


Early Enrolment Special



x 1 payment

Save R1,000 vs. payment plan


Early Enrolment Special



x 6 payments

Total cost comes to R23,340


Early Enrolment Special



x 12 payments

Total cost comes to R26,280

Enrol Risk-Free

100% Fee-Payback Guarantee

We offer our students a 100% Fee-Payback Guarantee because we are confident in our Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme.


If, after completing the first 12 months of the programme in full by watching all the lectures, doing all the assignments, and starting a business, your business is a failure because we didn’t equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to be a capable entrepreneur…

Then we don’t want your money!

We’ll give it all back.

No hard feelings.

But you have to do the work.

So the 100% Fee-Payback Guarantee comes with a few conditions.

The programme is designed to be demanding.

It’s for dedicated, ambitious and self-motivated go-getters with resilience and a healthy work ethic who are motivated to create their future.

We don’t tolerate slackers!

Meaning, you have to fully commit to the programme and complete the first 12 months by doing the work: watch all the lectures, complete all the assignments, and actually start your business to be eligible for the 100% Fee-Payback Guarantee.

Your will be held accountable through a lecture attendance and assignment submission registry which will be a primary indicator of their commitment to the programme, along with proof that you’ve launched a business.

If you fail to engage in the programme as described here and in our Refund Policy, you will forfeit the 100% Fee-Payback Guarantee.


Are you a dedicated, ambitious and self-motivated go-getter?

Are you resilient?

Do you have a healthy work ethic?

And are you motivated to create your future?

Then you can sign up for the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme without any risk because you are covered by our 100% Fee-Payback Guarantee!

Presented by Entrepreneurs

Meet Your Coaches for 2022

Learn entrepreneurship from someone qualified to teach you about entrepreneurship… someone who has already done what you want to do: an accomplished entrepreneur (not a classroom professor)

Leon Lategan

Leon Lategan

Founder, Head Coach and Creator of Entrepreneurs
Shakes Dlutu 1

Shakes Dlutu

Mind Power
14 Unotida Nyoni

Unotida Nyoni


Verity Price

Thinking Differently

Brian de Beer


Charlotte Kemp

Leadership and Team

Sajen Thathiah

Tools & Automation

Andrew Gibson

Referral Networking

Magriet Groenewald

Facebook and Instagram

Rabison Shumba


Oscar Emetuei

Customer Loyalty

Ntsiki Mkhize

Mentor & Social Entrepreneurship

Scott Cundill


Sylvia Malinowski

Branding and PR

Andre du Toit

Pitching and Speaking

Regine Le Roux

Reputation Management
Brian Drury

Brian Drury



Answers to frequently asked questions

Don’t worry, we have you covered. Click here to see how you can get sponsorship.

Every business in the world is risky when you first start off as you are going into the unknown.

However, the chances of success are much higher when you have done the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme.

With the necessary knowledge and tools, your risk is mitigated, and your chances are much better for success than without doing the programme.

One doesn’t necessarily need funding because there are lots of ways to market your business for free.

We will show you how to market your business without paying a cent.

Yes, we will give you a certificate of completion.

However, as an entrepreneur, the goal is for you to work for yourself and hence a qualification would be unnecessary.

For example, I (Leon Lategan) failed University. I’m a dropout without any qualifications.

The Lions Den is the company behind the School of Entrepreneurship.

And I, Leon Lategan, as the Founder and CEO of both companies, is well known in the industry.

All you need to do is Google my name or visit my websites (e.g. www.leonlategan.co.za, www.thelionsden.co.za, mmb.gives) to learn more about me.

You can also check out my credentials on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/leonlategan.

Yes, you will need internet access from home, an internet cafe or a friend’s place.
You can access the programme via either a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Anybody who would like to learn about Entrepreneurship can join, from school students to startups and even seasoned entrepreneurs.
We do not believe in entry requirements because who is to say you won’t become an incredibly successful entrepreneur whether you passed school or not.

We require a minimum of two hours from you every day, and for nine months from February 2022.


Don’t turn your back on your future

You can turn your back on the School of Entrepreneurship and walk away…

However, what does your future look like then?

You won’t get to taste the fruits of entrepreneurship, that’s for sure.

If you pass on this offer, will you have a business up and running a year from today?

Probably not!

Instead, you will continue working for someone else, following their vision and helping them realise their dreams, whether you find it fulfilling or not.

You’ll still be wishing you’re the one calling the shots, but you won’t have your own business.

Face it, most of what you need is knowledge, instruction and encouragement from people who know how to get where you want to go.

Enrol in the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme today and open the doors to your own business next year this time!

Wouldn’t you like to be energised and excited about your future?

It will soon cost R24,900 to enrol in the programme.

Our introductory price of R19,900 is a ‘one time only, never to be repeated’ offer…

Join us TODAY!

Your Investment

What it costs

We are celebrating the launch of the School of Entrepreneurship by letting our first students to enrol at the most affordable price possible

This is how the enrollment process works:


Early Enrolment Special



x 1 payment

Save R1,000 vs. payment plan


Early Enrolment Special



x 6 payments

Total cost comes to R23,340


Early Enrolment Special



x 12 payments

Total cost comes to R26,280
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Leon Lategan

Leon Lategan

Head Coach and Creator of Entrepreneurs


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