About Us

The School of Entrepreneurship exists to create entrepreneurs because they possess the ability to spur economic growth and improve living standards for all.

The Team

Leon Lategan

Leon Lategan

Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Eugeine Geyser

Chief Marketing

Jan Pretorius

Chief Technical

Sylvia Malinowski


Linda Boyd


Our Purpose

10,000 new entrepreneurs in the next 5 years

Our purpose is to develop 10,000 new entrepreneurs in the next 5 years who are capable of starting sustainable and profitable businesses that create jobs and reduce unemployment.
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Our Mission

South Africa’s youth are facing one of the worst unemployment crises in modern history with 3.5 million youths not in employment, education or training.

Only 45% of youth with matric have a chance of finding a job. While rising tuition fees, limited space at higher educational institutions, and poor grades leave most young adults without the opportunity to advance their skills.

Moreover, even with a degree, only about 77% of our youth will find a job in due time.

The social and economic costs of unemployment are a heavy burden on our youth and nation’s people. Especially as unemployment robs the economy of useful talent while it gives rise to poverty, poor health and crime.

Unemployment divides our nation in ways which we can’t always see but deeply feel at a societal level.

At the School of Entrepreneurship, we recognise that entrepreneurs are at the heartbeat of new job creation. And lower unemployment leads to safer communities with wealthier, healthier and happier people.

Thus, advancing entrepreneurship plays a key role in alleviating the unemployment crisis and uplifting South Africa.

At the School of Entrepreneurship, accomplished entrepreneurs equip South Africa’s youth through online training and coaching programmes with the mindset and skills they need to become capable entrepreneurs.

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