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Every business in the world is risky when you first start off as you are going into the unknown. However, the chances of success are much higher when you have done the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme. With the necessary knowledge and tools, your risk is mitigated, and your chances are much better for success than without doing the programme.
One doesn’t necessarily need funding because there are lots of ways to market your business for free. We will show you how to market your business without paying a cent.

Yes, we will give you a certificate of completion.

However, as an entrepreneur, the goal is for you to work for yourself and hence a qualification would be unnecessary.

For example, I (Leon Lategan) failed University. I’m a dropout without any qualifications.

The Lions Den is the company behind the School of Entrepreneurship.

And I, Leon Lategan, as the Founder and CEO of both companies, is well known in the industry.

All you need to do is Google my name or visit my websites (e.g. www.leonlategan.co.za, www.thelionsden.co.za, mmb.gives) to learn more about me.

You can also check out my credentials on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/leonlategan.

Yes, you will need internet access from home, an internet cafe or a friend’s place.
You can access the programme via either a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
Anybody who would like to learn about Entrepreneurship can join, from school students to startups and even seasoned entrepreneurs.
We do not believe in entry requirements because who is to say you won’t become an incredibly successful entrepreneur whether you passed school or not.
We require a minimum of two hours from you every day, and for nine months from 1 February to 29 October 2020.
Leon Lategan
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Win 1 of 10 bursaries each worth R29,900 to the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme starting in January 2022