Payment Plan Policy

Students or Sponsors on a payment plan are required to make their monthly instalments by the due date which falls on the same date as their initial payment every consequent month.

The School of Entrepreneurship reserves the right to revoke a Student’s access temporarily to the programme until payment is received in full if their monthly instalment is late and not received after 7 (seven) days of the due date. The School of Entrepreneurship reserves the right to cancel a Student’s enrolment and revoke their access if their payment remains fully or partially outstanding for 14 (fourteen) days after the due date.

Once a Student’s access is revoked, they will be charged a reactivation fee of R1,000 to regain access to the programme and learning platform.

The School of Entrepreneurship will make a reasonable effort to contact Students and Sponsors about late payments via email and phone. However, it is the responsibility of the Students or Sponsors to ensure their payments are made on time.

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