Free School of Entrepreneurship Q&A Webinars

Join Leon Lategan (Founder, CEO & Head Coach) on a webinar every Tuesday to get your questions answered and learn:

Free Q&A Webinar Every Tuesday

Attendees stand a chance to win a bursary worth R24,900. So don’t miss out!

Bursary Giveaway

One lucky attendant will win a bursary for the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme when the webinar series ends. To qualify, all you need to do is register for a webinar, attend and stay until the end.

The winner will be chosen and announced after the webinar series ends on 23 February 2021. If you go ahead and enrol in the programme before then, we will refund your fees if you win the bursary.

Invite future entrepreneurs:

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Why the School of Entrepreneurship? Why now?

In an ideal world, our youth would walk straight into a university/college after school to get the degree that will guarantee their salary and success in life.

Unfortunately, their sobering reality is just the opposite…

They’re facing one of the worst unemployment crises in modern history as well as other significant challenges:

Earning a living in South Africa is impossibly hard when you are young, unskilled and inexperienced, even with a degree!

Additionally, our economy shrunk by 51% in Q2 2020 due to the lockdown which means the situation is set to become even more desperate for the youth.

Unfortunately, our schooling system trains our children to become employees which makes them dependent on job opportunities.

That’s all good and well; schools are fulfilling their purpose because we need educated children while our economy needs employees.

But, right now we need entrepreneurs more than we need employees in South Africa because there is a shortage of jobs.

Therefore, at the School of Entrepreneurship, accomplished entrepreneurs equip the youth with the mindset and skills they need to become capable business owners.

Our Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme is run by real entrepreneurs as coaches who provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools they need to start sustainable and profitable business within 12 months.

There is a shortage of jobs in South Africa and by creating the next generation of business owners, we are creating jobs and alleviating the unemployment crisis.

Your future starts here

Join me on the webinar where you will learn:

Warm regards,

Leon Lategan

The Entrepreneur Activist
Founder & CEO: The School of Entrepreneurship

What people are saying about the School of Entrepreneurship


Isaac Mensah


“Leon’s marketing training is almost like the 2 years MBA Marketing programmes we undertake in Universities. This is more practical, even more than the University.”


Tshepho Mothlasedi

“As a first time entrepreuneur and a start up business, Leon has been a great, teacher, leader and mentor. I’ve learnt so much from his program and I am now confident to fold my sleeves and build my business systems.”
soe im p3

The Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme sets youth up for success in life and business

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'Your Future Starts Here'

Bursary Competition

Win 1 of 10 bursaries each worth R24,900 to the Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme starting in February 2022